Liquid Applications - JD R4038 & 4830

  • Marketing dry bulk and liquid fertilizers
  • Dry blend facility - fertilizer blends customized to meet soil requirements
  • Products: 46-0-0, 18-46-0, 12-52-0, 0-0-60
  • Application of liquid and dry fertilizer
  • Late-model floater and row crop application equipment with GPS tracking and print outs for your records
  • Experienced staff for accurate application
  • Soil Samples: Finding out soil requirements for specific crops will save cost of fertilizer needs, along with improving yields. Our company can assist you with these by coming out to your ground, collecting the samples, submitting them for analysis, and giving a recommendation followed by blending only the necessary amount of products required, saving on the cost of inputs. Soil sampling is a service from Janzen Fertilizer.

Soil Sample Costs

40 acre composite No Cost5 acre grids $10/Acre2.5 acre grids $13/AcreZone sampling options $10+/AcreVariable Rate Application Cost $8/Acre(Spreading over field twice)

Dry Applications

  • New John Deere Rigs

Tender Trucks

Dry Blend Facility